Friday, 28 September 2012

My skincare routine has really simplified itself down in the last few months. This is what I do in the morning (as you can see by the above photo of me looking slightly worse for wear with mascara under my eye...).
I started using Philosophy's microdelivery exfoliating wash over Easter when my annoying combination skin face was having one of it's flare ups that happen every now and again. It buffered my skin beautifully, and I've used it every morning since. The cleanser, purity I started using with my clarisonic. I didn't get on well at all with the clarisonic but I did with the cleanser.
Both products are extremely light and you only need to use the slightest amount (in fact the picture above, which is the purity cleanser, is probably too much.)
A combination of using both of the products in my morning routine leaves my skin soft and ready for make-up (i'll let you in on a secret.. I don't moisturise everyday!) without any facial redness which is something I've always struggled with.

They are slightly pricy, the microdelivery exfoliating wash is £22 for 240ml in boots, and the purity cleanser £17.50 for 236ml. They last forever though, as you use the slighest amount at a time.


  1. Never seen this product before :) Great post.. xx

  2. my skin has been so awful lately - i might have to try some of these! it's so annoying when you do go through bad skin phases so i will literally give anything ago! :)glad that these seem to be working for you... and if that picture is you pre make-up, your skin looks perfect!! :)