Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Get Fit With Me! #2

Guys. Guys. I lost a stone! One whole stone since being back at University!

I'm pretty proud of myself. I haven't even made that many lifestyle changes, I've just made sure I exercised regularly. The power of exercise eh!

Now it's time to lose that last stone. A lot of my belly has dropped off with the weight loss but now it feels like it's time to get toned. Some things I would really recommend is doing some research into home exercise routines. Just go on pinterest - there's thousands. Some days you just really can't be bothered to go to the gym and well... it's cold outside now.

I personally use apps on my iPhone for home exercises. That way they are always close by and I can't trick myself into thinking "ugh well I have to turn my laptop on/print things out/blah blah blah"

Apps I absolutely love include:
Ab Workout free (it's the blue icon with the stick man on it!)
Workout trainer by Skimble
Nike training

What ways do you exercise at home? Any apps to recommend?

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

That time of the year again

I'm not going to lie to you, the last few days of October always fill me with fear. 
It's NaNoWriMo time.

Now, if you don't know what NaNoWriMo is... you probably don't watch enough YouTube. It's a self challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in one month. It's not as crazy as it seems... I promise! Even if you don't like creative writing, I'd say give it a shot. If you're in University, college, school it teaches you some impressive skills for any kind of writing or thinking. It teaches you to be daring, to trust in your inital instincts and to get your thoughts all out of your head without hesitation. Valuable life lessons.

However, I kind of feel like I'm being a bit suicidal taking on NaNo yet again (this will be my fourth year, just sayin') as I have the first part of my dissertation due in November and a few essays due in December too... but when else do you force yourself to sit down and write 50,000 words in one month?

I'm being realistic with myself and making my target 25,000. If I go over, then I go over. If I fail, then I fail. All I ever want to do is write. It's been that way since I COULD write. My mind is filled with these stories and plots and lands and people and unless I get them down, I won't be able to do any work in November anyway. 

But NaNoWriMo jitters are healthy. Going crazy in November is for all the write (get it) reasons. Being an author is my over-arching dream in life - and I'm probably going to have to go all the way to crazy and back getting there.  What's one month of it all?

watch me hate myself for this post by November the 5th.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Oily eye guide to eye make up.

Probably the most frustrating thing about my skin (when it comes to make up) is the fact I have super oily eyes. I have to spend a considerable amount of time on my eye make up just to make it look presentable, and within an hour or so it will usually have started to disappear and smudge around my eyes.

However, I think I may have finally found a routine that works for me.

never forget to use your primer. I use the much raved about Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I have in fact got this pack with the duo primer's but I wasn't very impressed with the one with the shimmer, which I felt was too much for me, but that was personal preference. It looked really pretty on my sister.

A habit for any eyeshadow primers is also to only put it on your lids, but if you have a teeny amount left on your finger you should try to smooth it along your lower lash line. I often use my little finger or a cotton bud. 

I then always use a base colour, even under what I want to be the "base colour" for the particular look i'm wearing. I feel that, for me, my eyeshadow just won't stay on if it doesn't have something to cling to, the primer isn't always enough. My go to for this is always Bourjois Paris ombre a paupieres eyeshadow in 08 Beige Rose. I think this may have been discontinued now but there are some very similar colours out there. It is only slightly darker than my skin tone so creates a fantastic base and I use it every single time unless I'm planning on only other using very dark colours..

From there, I usually blend other colours in.

If you're using eyeliner, always use it on both your waterline and a little on your lower lash line. It can be an easy habit to just putting it on your waterline as it doesn't overpower your eyes but it won't stay, especially with oily eyes. Hopefully with that little bit of primer you put under your lower lash line the look will stay and your eyes will look lovely all night long, not running down your face.

Finally, don't be afraid to use a couple of mascaras. I'm currently using my Yves Rocker Sexy Pulp mascara sample that I got in an old glossybox (until bursary day when I can afford to buy something else) on my top lashes. It has a fairly thick brush and formula that looks really good on my top lashes. Unfortunately, I am not blessed with many bottom lashes and it would completely drown those lashes and go everywhere. For my lower lashes I use Avon's super magnify mascara because it has a teeny slim brush that means I can coat my lashes lightly without them looking like spider legs. I was very confused when talking to a friend who said that using two different mascara's was taboo - really?

What are your holy grail eye products?

Just a note to say: I'm aware I haven't updated in a while. I managed to get quite badly injured, got sick and stressed with uni work because of these things. Back on form now though :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A bit of a grumble...

Since being at University (since 2010, yikes!) I have used one liquid eyeliner. One. Fair enough I've probably kept it for longer than I should, but who doesn't do that.
This eyeliner was Rimmel Flash eyeliner - a felt tip pen that was wonderfully precise and had great depth in colour and ugh it was my holy grail. As somebody who can't use liquid eyeliner wholly well, and has an issue with thick eyeliner it was perfect for me.
And finally, last week it gave up on me. The lid fell off it when it was in my bag and it went everywhere and dried out and it was a terrifying horrific experience. So I head to boots, thinking it's fine, it's a highstreet brand - I'll just pick up another one.
No. Apparently it wasn't that simple. Rimmel have seemingly discontinued it, so I had to search for something similar. There was a distinct lack of choice. Felt tip style eyeliners were included in almost every brand a few years ago, but they seem to have filtered out again. I went for Maybelline Master Precise (RRP £5.99). 
Unfortunately, I did not get on at all well with this product, unlike my beloved Rimmel. It is in no way precise, and I felt as if I had to put it on thick or not at all. In it's favour, it is dramatically black and has great staying power which as someone with oily eyelids I did appreciate. Those just weren't enough for me.
So bloggers, whats your favourite liquid eyeliner? Because I think I need a new one.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Moving into a room in halls or in a shared house is an undeniably daunting thing - and I've found it so every single time I've had to do it for the last three years. The room that is yours for the next year or so is impersonal, uninviting and frankly, a little bit boring. 
Newsflash: you can't live like this. I knew people in my first year whose rooms were 100% tidy, everything personal of theirs was hidden away in a drawer or a cupboard and I'm going to be honest, it drove me insane. You can't live in a room that doesn't show your personality - you'll need a reminder of it when you're doing an all nighter trying to get that essay in for 9am, or when your homesick, or when you're hungover. Four white walls and a blank floor makes it an asylum, just saying. 

The two essentials I have found that brighten up nearly every university bedroom: fairy lights and photographs.

My bedroom is literally overflowing with photographs! I have an album of old photos from school and college, an album of photos of me and Matt and an album of family photos! Sure, photos are on Facebook but you can't just rely on having all your memories stored on a website. They're nice to look at, too. 
And as for the fairy lights, just knick your mums fairy lights from Christmas (- my mum was glad she didn't have to store them for another year!). They look pretty cool when you're up late doing work, or have got in from a night out and don't want to go to sleep yet (you'll just stare at them in amazement for a while, trust me.) If you get them in shops now they are fairly cheap before the Christmas rush!
And finally - don't be afraid to LIVE in it. Let it get messy; put posters up; store your things wildly, let it be your space, not your landlords. You won't get your deposit back anyway. 
Here's some of the ways I (feat. some things from my boyfriends room too...) managed it.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get fit with me! #1

I have decided that I need to lose weight.

Actually I decided this quite a while ago but was too lazy to do anything about it, but the other day I weighed myself and having gained a whole half a stone over the Summer was not something I was very pleased about.
I've got quite a small frame and I'm only 5'4 so the extra weight is just hanging around my tummy making me feel not-at-all good about myself and it's definitely time to shift it!

On Wednesday's I am going to post a round-up of how much I lost that week and what I've been doing, hoping that the fact I am documenting it all for you lovely people to see will be the motivation I need to really kick this in the bum.

FYI, my eventual goal is to be 8st again :) 

Monday, 1 October 2012

(L-R: Rimmel 60 Seconds 210 Ethereal; Essie Sand Tropez; Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle; Essie Bahama Mama; Barry M Peach Melba; Barry M Black Multi Glitter; Barry M Colbalt Blue.)

For me, the greatest Autumn nail polishes go one of two ways. The first is darker colours to match the darker nights and the second is lighter colours for a splash of colour to spruce up that big soft jumper you just have to wear to lectures. 

The basic soft pink that is the Rimmel polish, the lovely nude that is Essie's Sand Tropez and every bloggers favourite Barry M's Peach Melba have been firm favourites on my nails for the last week, and as we start October I can't see that changing. They make your nails look undeniably pretty as they peak out of your coat sleeves.

Essie's Bahama Mama is a lovely deep red with purple undertones that can make any dress look glam for a night out no matter how thick those tights are. Barry M's Colbalt Blue is a bold, dark blue colour that adds a little splash of electricity to any moment.

And finally, who can resist a splash of glitter? It's getting into the biggest party season of the year and there's no excuse not to sparkle. Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle (a firm favourite from an old glossybox) and Barry M's Black Multi Glitter look fabulous dashed over another colour or layered firmly.

What are your favourite Autumn nail polishes? Happy October!