Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Colgate Optic White | Review

Is it a little weird to do a review on a mouthwash or not? I feel like it's a little weird, but I just wanted to rave about it so much! So I do apologise if this seems a little creepy. 

My Aunt lives in Florida and every time she comes home she always brings back a multitude of teeth whitening products, as they are notoriously stronger than ones available in the UK. I decided to try the Colgate Optic White mouthwash, which I have been using along with my Colgate Max White One whitening toothpaste (this one is a UK version - a free sample for living in student houses!). 

I've been using the mouthwash for almost two weeks, usually every night but it is very harsh so sometimes I'm not quite up to it, and my oh my have I seen an improvement! A noticeable difference, so much so that people I know have actually commented on it.

The first time you use the mouthwash, it is pretty bleak. It's like your gargling with pure bleach, and it's a moment of "oh no I've done it now I have to commit to it". So if you have a real issue with that sort of thing, it's definitely not for you. Once you've done it a few times though, while it's still quite gross it's not so much of a shock and you are able to swirl it around for a bit longer. 

I haven't tried the UK version, but I'd definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on the US one. I always think, if people praise you on your teeth (because it's one of those topics) you know you're doing something right.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Nip + Fab Spot Fix | Review

Moving back home has meant a lot of changes to my routine, and the first thing to suffer has been my skin. Luckily, I don't often get spots but when I do they are horrible beasts. I felt one of these aforementioned beasts growing last Saturday, and rushed around crazily attempting to find something to put on it to dry it out and hopefully stop it in it's tracks. 

At the bottom of my bag I found my Nip+Fab Spot Fix, a product I bought a while ago and promptly forgot about. According to Nip+Fab Spot Fix is 'a fast acting gel that targets blemishes'. You only need to use a very tiny amount on the affected area, so although it's a small tube it's going to last forever. 

Sorry about the quality! My camera is a little... lost right now.

I really love Nip+Fab products, so far I have not yet found a product of theirs that I haven't liked. It's great when you find a brand like that!

Spot Fix is available here from the Nip+Fab website. It's currently 50% off (lucky coincidence when I went to check!), which makes it £3.95, usually £9.95. A real bargain right now!

What's your go-to rescue remedy?

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer Ball 2013 | Picture Post

So many lovely photos were taken the night of the Summer Ball that I can't help but share them with you! Our friends got engaged on the Hoe, so we used that excuse to take some lovely photos by the sea. All of this photos were taken by my lovely friend Jessi, (or on her camera), clicky here to follow her on Twitter (708 followers can't be wrong!).

A sneaky bit of posing while we were waiting for the lovebirds to get off the eye! 


The boys are bigger posers than girls!

The 'omg there's a ring on that finger!' picture.

We were so lucky the sun came out for us! 
Wheeling Matt through to get his congratulations in!

Can't wait to get this framed!


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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer Ball 2013 | Outfit

So a week ago our Summer Ball was held, and I swear I've spent the last week in recovery from it! It was an amazing night: our friends got engaged (I know right!); we got drunk and danced the night away; spent a lot of [fake] money in the casino, watched Katy B and YouMeAtSix preform (again, I know right!); and all in all rounded off our three years at university with a lot of fun, laughter and...well... alcohol.

I wore a skater dress from Lipsy (RRP £50.00), with a white skirt and an amazing art deco type black lace pattern for the top . Normally skater dresses make me look on the large side, but this one had quite a long body and I fell in love with it straight away. I teamed it with my trusty two year old shoe boots from New Look, as I was on my feet from 6pm-3.30am and I knew my feet would be killing! (And I still had to buy flip flops at half 12...). I wore a simple black blazer from New Look (RRP £19.99) to team off the look and to keep me warm in the Outdoor Marquees. 

Unfortunately there's no good photos of me on my own in the dress, but look out for the group photos in tomorrows picture post where I think I show it off best. In the meantime, he's some pictures of Matt and I looking svelte. 

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