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James Dasher Signing at Forbidden Planet London Megastore | 2nd December 2013

On Monday 2nd December the Forbidden Planet London Megastore hosted James Dashner's first ever UK signing. I was super excited about this, as I absolutely loved The Maze Runner Trilogy (and prequel, sort of), am very excited by the prospect of the upcoming movie, and was very intrigued by his new book The Eye of Minds - the book which he was in the UK to promote.

I arrived at Forbidden Planet about half an hour before the event was due to start, mostly because of my absolute hatred of being late and in part on the advice of Forbidden Planet staff. There were a few people in the queue already, and we all chatted while we waited. Unfortunately I don't think that the turn out ended up being as great as it could have been, and I'm sure that the fact that it was at 6pm on a Monday evening had a part to play in that. 

James arrived and we all crowded in and had a great discussion about the book and about the film, and about England in general. We found out that he's incredibly happy with what he knows about the film so far, he has total confidence in the actors, The Scorch Trials has been given the go ahead to be made into a film, and The Matrix was one of his inspirations for The Eye of Minds amongst other things. 

When it was my turn to get my copy of The Eye of Minds signed (along with The Maze Runner which he very kindly didn't mind me bringing along) I asked him about how Kaya Scodelario was on The Maze Runner movie in his opinion and that she was always my Theresa when I read the books. James was incredibly nice, he answered my questions and didn't seem at all annoyed by them. He asked where I was from (I said Oxford, it's easiest) and we discussed how people think he should visit there (I said it was boring). I was also got a photo with him, thanks nice Forbidden Planet man who took it!

I look a bit worse for wear after spending the day battling Oxford Street Christmas shopping!
All in all I had a great time and am very happy I got to meet James. It's great when you meet an author and they are engaging rather than dismissive, happy to discuss rather than wanting you to accept their opinions.
I've started The Eye of Minds and it's proving to be a well-written, fast paced novel that I can't wait to finish and see where the story goes (and then probably get frustrated because the next book in the series isn't out yet, that's how it goes folks.)

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