Sunday, 16 February 2014

Taylor Swift - The Red Tour - o2 Arena London 11/02/2014

Sorry I've been so absent this week but I have had THE most hectic week, thankfully for a very good reason! On Tuesday I headed down to London to see Taylor Swift on her last date of the Red Tour in London at the o2 arena. Taylor is my favourite female artist and I've loved her for years, but this was the first time I've been lucky enough to see her live.

After a bit of a battle with the UK transport system, I met Ria in London Waterloo and we headed off to our hotel - the ibis in Greenwich. We changed and got ready, swatching all of our red lipsticks to attempt to find the perfect shade, and headed off to the o2 arena!

We had a pit stop at GBK in Entertainment Avenue, which was both of our first times at GBK and we were both pretty impressed - the burgers were tasty!
Then we joined the massive queues to go inside. In retrospect we could have easily have arrived later because it was just a case of waiting around for over an hour, but honestly I think we both too excited to have been able to do that.

I knew very little about The Vamps (who were the supporting act) before the show, only really from their McFly covers on YouTube and the 'Can We Dance' single. However they were exceptionally good considering how quickly they've grown in success over the last year and I've now added all their songs to various spotify playlists. They're quite cute too.

Taylor was undeniably amazing. We were VERY high up (second row from the back, in fact) but it meant we could see absolutely everything with no difficulty, which was great to be honest. The whole production of the Red Tour was fantastic and she is amazing live and her 'surprise song' was my all-time favourite song of hers so that was a very special moment for me. I can't describe the night and give it justice though.  Here's a video I took of one of my favourite moments, Taylor talking about song writing before she played All Too Well.

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