Saturday 19 April 2014

1) UKYA authors are very friendly on twitter!

They are a friendly bunch! They tweet back, favourite and retweet often.

2) Loads of books by UKYA authors are set in the UK! You can finally visualise where the story takes place.

For example, the most recent UKYA books I've read include a book set near Norwich (Looking for JJ), books set at a school in the English countryside (Night School and it's sequels) and a dystopian Britain (Fearsome Dreamer).

3) When a UKYA author does a book signing or tour, it's not inconceivable to think you might actually be able to go!

Ok, yes, I know that many signings make the mistake of thinking that London is the only place that matters. However, more and more authors are going on book tours to promote their books which take place up and down the country.

4) You get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting homegrown talent

Supporting authors who have come from the same country as you gives you a special feeling. And lot's of pride that British people are such a talented bunch!

5) You can join in with the fabulous #UKYAchat on twitter, and the UKYA livechat's starting in May.

#UKYAchat is a chat that happens regularly on twitter, where people discuss and recommend UKYA books.

6) You get to experience the amazing UKYA books out there. 

This is obviously the most important point. I've only become vigilant about making sure I include a decent amount of UKYA on my TBR lists in the last few months, but it's opened up a whole world of new books that have quickly become favourites. Cruel Summer by James Dawson, The Night School series by C.J. Daugherty and The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss are some of my absolute favourites.

**Today is UKYADay!! Organised by Project UKYA - their website is HERE and their twitter is HERE. Check them out for fantastic posts celebrating the best of UKYA. **

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