Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Fearsome Dreamer - Laure Eve | Review

Author: Laure Eve
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publishing Date: 03/10/2013

In Fearsome Dreamer, Europe is transformed into a dark, alternate world. England has become Angle Tar – a rural, technophobic country holding its own against the mass of other nations who have signed up to the new technological advances. While it has the premise of being a very interesting story, I found it hard to connect with.

Fearsome Dreamer starts off slow and unfortunately I didn’t feel that it really picked up at any point. At the very first instance we’re introduced to Rue, a young witch’s apprentice, and while her early story was interesting I soon found myself skipping her chapters in favour of White’s. All in all though, I couldn’t connect with the characters.

The back of the book synopsis hints at a romance between White and Rue and I felt like a lot of the story was a difficult plot with the sole objective being to bring them together for the romance towards the end. It was glaringly obvious throughout that the book was part of a series, and while I’m sure it did a great job of setting up for the rest of the series, it was unable to stand on it’s own feet.

My review of this book feels disjointed, and honestly a lot of that is because the book felt disjointed. I can’t coherently seem to write my thoughts about it. I was expecting a solid four star book, and I found myself reading a two star. It was disappointing.

I’ll still read the sequel, because Fearsome Dreamer did do an excellent job of setting up some questions that will niggle at me until I know the answers.  

2/5 stars.

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*A copy of this book was provided by Hot Key Books in return for my honest review

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