Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Eyebrow Problem

The current obsession with eyebrows is something I find slightly weird. As a young teenager I can remember my older sisters teaching me how to pluck, and telling me that I should strive for even eyebrows that perfectly match my hair colour, and if it doubt over size, always go for smaller.  Hence, it's taken me a long time to fully embrace the stand out eyebrows trend. I think the slight obsession I've developed with Cara Delevingne has definitely spurred me on! 

I've started to fill in my eyebrows using the darkest colour in the Rimmel Orien palette. I'm naturally very light, although my hair has darkened due to dyes and what not. This means that my eye brows can look a little light for my face and for want of a better word, they can tend to almost look greasy. I don't over-do it when I fill them in, I'm still blonde and I don't quite fancy a Scouse Brow, but it definitely gives them a bit more definition. Here's my eyebrows before and after:

 Do you fill in your eyebrows? How dark do you go?

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  1. I fill mine in and struggle with it a little because I'm blonde. Mine are a mess at the moment, growing them out to get HD brows! :)

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