Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Date Night | Wagamama Plymouth

Last night my boyfriend and I decided to go out for dinner, and catch up because we've both been working so hard recently. People don't understand that living with someone does not necessarily mean that you spend a lot of time with them. Matt and I have basically been seeing each other between the hours of 12am - 2am when we watch telly before bed (and most of that time I'm already half-asleep!) because he's been working hard on his final design project of the year and I'm in revision hell. We've both been dying to try Wagamama since it opened in Plymouth, so off we went. I was happy to finally be able to dress up slightly for something!
Date night outfit (feat. dirty mirror)! I got to wear heels for the first time in however long.
Wagamama opened in Plymouth last weekend, so we were really quick to try it. It's located in the historic Royal William Yard Harbour, which has truly stunning views over Plymouth Sound and is lovely on a beautiful evening like last night. We got a taxi there and back as it's a bit of a walk, but taxis in Plymouth are generally very cheap and good value - both ways for £10! As well as Wagamama, Royal William Yard boasts a range of cafes and restaurants, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's River Cottage Canteen and Deli:

It was both of our first time trying Wagamama, one only very recently opened in my hometown so I hadn't a chance before. I know that everyone left right and centre loves it though, so I was pretty sure I would. I'm a YO! Sushi fiend, so I ordered the Chicken Katsu without much glance at the rest of the menu, I'll be adventurous next time. Matt ordered the Chicken Ramen. We also got a bowl of Chicken Tebasaki to share - we love chicken! We were a bit bewildered at first, because the restaurant has a few quirks as I'm sure anyone who has been before knows, such as sitting you alongside other people and writing on your placement. 

I readily accepted my food when it came, ate a few bites before I realised that it wasn't katsu curry at all! I was a little oblivious. It was delicious, closer to a Thai Green Curry, but not what I ordered nonetheless. The waitress apologised and brought my food over as soon as it was cooked, and left the plate of notkatsu curry there for Matt and I to pick at if we wanted to. I probably had four bites from it in all, but I devoured my katsu and by that point was stuffed. 

Matt tucking in! And my wrong curry.
It was a lovely evening spent with my lovely man at a lovely place. 

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