Sunday, 2 June 2013

Summer Ball 2013 | Outfit

So a week ago our Summer Ball was held, and I swear I've spent the last week in recovery from it! It was an amazing night: our friends got engaged (I know right!); we got drunk and danced the night away; spent a lot of [fake] money in the casino, watched Katy B and YouMeAtSix preform (again, I know right!); and all in all rounded off our three years at university with a lot of fun, laughter and...well... alcohol.

I wore a skater dress from Lipsy (RRP £50.00), with a white skirt and an amazing art deco type black lace pattern for the top . Normally skater dresses make me look on the large side, but this one had quite a long body and I fell in love with it straight away. I teamed it with my trusty two year old shoe boots from New Look, as I was on my feet from 6pm-3.30am and I knew my feet would be killing! (And I still had to buy flip flops at half 12...). I wore a simple black blazer from New Look (RRP £19.99) to team off the look and to keep me warm in the Outdoor Marquees. 

Unfortunately there's no good photos of me on my own in the dress, but look out for the group photos in tomorrows picture post where I think I show it off best. In the meantime, he's some pictures of Matt and I looking svelte. 

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