Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Colgate Optic White | Review

Is it a little weird to do a review on a mouthwash or not? I feel like it's a little weird, but I just wanted to rave about it so much! So I do apologise if this seems a little creepy. 

My Aunt lives in Florida and every time she comes home she always brings back a multitude of teeth whitening products, as they are notoriously stronger than ones available in the UK. I decided to try the Colgate Optic White mouthwash, which I have been using along with my Colgate Max White One whitening toothpaste (this one is a UK version - a free sample for living in student houses!). 

I've been using the mouthwash for almost two weeks, usually every night but it is very harsh so sometimes I'm not quite up to it, and my oh my have I seen an improvement! A noticeable difference, so much so that people I know have actually commented on it.

The first time you use the mouthwash, it is pretty bleak. It's like your gargling with pure bleach, and it's a moment of "oh no I've done it now I have to commit to it". So if you have a real issue with that sort of thing, it's definitely not for you. Once you've done it a few times though, while it's still quite gross it's not so much of a shock and you are able to swirl it around for a bit longer. 

I haven't tried the UK version, but I'd definitely recommend this if you can get your hands on the US one. I always think, if people praise you on your teeth (because it's one of those topics) you know you're doing something right.

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