Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wear Sunscreen

I know it's obvious but I can't get over the amount of people who don't wear sunscreen. Having being lumped with blessed with fair skin, I've been battling with the sun for my whole life, and I wear sunscreen every day. 

But even if you're not an English Rose and tan naturally, sunscreen is bloody important! By not wearing sunscreen you increase your chances of skin cancer and melanoma, which lets face it makes the five minutes waiting for the stickiness to seep into your skin pretty worth it in my opinion. Melanoma is more common in women, particularly young women. In the UK it’s the most common cancer in people aged 15–34. How can you ignore statistics? 

Along with increasing your risk of cancer massively, you also risk repeated sun damage to your skin. Sun damage can cause early aged, dry, wrinkled and leathery skin.  It's not my place to judge your choices but to me a tan that lasts a few weeks now is not worth that later in life. 

I'm seeing so many people wearing next to nothing literally frying outside, and I can't stand it. I cringe for them. Wear suncreen, there's good enough fake tans out there now!

Do you wear sunscreen? I hope so!

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