Sunday, 28 April 2013

Super Secret Project

It's time for me to finally tell you guys about my super secret project I've worked on for the last few months! Or as I like to call it, the 'I-love-my-best-friend box". I've been working on this for months so I'm super excited to finally tell you all about it.

So, today is the best friend Ria's birthday. She's turned 21. Click here to go to her blog and send her some birthday love y'all.

So, the question I had to decide was, what do you get a super mega awesome lady who is obsessed with just about everything and a level of nerd you never expected to match your own? A bit of everything of course!

21 presents for 21 years of being awesome. Yep. It happened.

I got a box

right to the top :D
filled it up
I won't talk in detail about what I got her, as those are her presents and it is up to her if she wishes to show them off BUT I did manage to fit the YouTube, StarKid, Harry Potter, LBD and John Green fandoms into one box. Yep. I would however like to showcase the amazing etsy sellers that made some of the presents:

Additionally, I made her some personalised notecards, my etsy shop is: here.

Giftboxing/Carepackaging is incredibly fun and not as expensive as you might think. I collected Ria's presents from December, so every buy was a calculated decision and wasn't rushed (until the end of March when I totally forgot how many presents I had left and now I think  I may have forgot one but let's not mention that). Not all of the presents have to be super special or expensive either, a few presents included were what you could call 'filler' presents, but they still had a meaning and that is the important part of it all. 

I'm lucky to know Ria, and to know her so well that I am able to buy her 21 presents without getting stuck.

It really does become a project in itself and I really really really hope that she loves them all!

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