Monday, 1 April 2013

The Long Hair Conundrum

I've always wanted long hair. Always. For as long as I can remember.
Why the heck did I always want long hair?

I get that the nature of human beings is to always want what you don't have, and I like how my hair looks but it is very very hard work. 

It's not even that long, compared to a lot of bloggers I've seen. Here, have a recent picture of me being embarrassingly posey in the evening not doing work testing out a new Apocalips shade I bought:

See, it only comes down to mid-breast section and it's still frustrating me. I don't know how people cope with longer hair.

First, I was blessed with thick hair. It's wonderful, my hair almost always has volume without me even trying, but it's always been a pain to brush and style. It was a pain to brush and style when it was shoulder length, let alone now.

Secondly, it hasn't got this way through miraculous grooming and regularly shapes and styles at the hairdressers. Rather, I am a poor student and would rather spend my money on food than go to the hairdresser. Especially as my hairdresser told me I had freaky eyes. Charming. This means that it's long but shapeless, but I don't know what styles I could cut it into that would suit me but still keep the length.

Finally, everything about caring for it takes so long. You need more shampoo and conditioner. It takes up to half an hour to blow dry it completely, and the same time or longer to straighten. 

So, if you've got long hair - what are your best hair tips?

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