Tuesday, 30 April 2013

How to Survive Exam Season

University exams have descended! My first exam is on Thursday, and I am currently drowning in a lake of never ending revision crisis. However, I always find that there are a few simple steps to take that can make (let's face it) a month of hell, a little less hellish.

1) Eat breakfast. 
Yes, I know, it's what everybody says. But it seriously does your mornings a whole lot easier.
If you're waking up at 8 or 9 to start revising and you skip breakfast, you'll probably find that by 11 all you can think about is that sandwich sitting in the bottom of your bag. You won't get any work done, because you'll be too busy thinking about food.
It doesn't need to be anything fancy, it doesn't need to be anything big. This is my breakfast of choice right now:

See, nothing big or fancy. I can eat at my desk and not waste crucial revision time faffing around cracking eggs etc. But it does help.

2) Prepare
I feel that the only way to get through exam season is to always know where you're gonna be, what you're gonna be doing, a few hours before you do it. That way, you can be prepared for whatever you need. 
For example, take half an hour before you go to bed and make your lunch for the next day, decide what you are going to wear, and put at least three bottles of drink in the fridge ready to grab and go.

3) Work to your strengths
Find out where and how you work best and be strict about it. I can work well at home or at the library, but I work best in the mornings and not around friends. So, I tend to get up by 8, drag my tired ass to the library and work for a good four hours before my friends arrive. So what, it's three weeks or so out of your life. Your exams are more important than who pulled last night.

Finally.... Believe in yourself! Because I believe in all you lovely readers that have read this post.

What are your exam survival tips?

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