Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Halloween Countdown | Lush Pumpkin Bubble Bar Review

I, like most people, absolutely love Lush. There's nothing better than a nice smelling bubble bath after a stressful day. I love the themed ranges Lush comes out with for the different holidays, so I was very excited to try their number 1 autumnal product: Pumpkin Bubble Bar.
Cute little fella, isn't he? He should have a stem, but alas, it fell out.
According to the Lush website, the Pumpkin Bubble Bar contains ylang ylang oil and orange flower absolute to leave you feeling 'uplifted and refreshed'. Personally, I always feel refreshed after a nice long soak in the bath. 

To use the bubble bar you simple crumble chunks of this bubble bar under the running tap of your bath. Lots of people (including me!) like to split bubble bars in half and save the second half for another bath. While this guy certainly creates mounds of bubbles, I personally didn't feel the scent was very strong so that may be a factor in deciding whether to use him all in one go or not. It makes the water a very nice and bright orange, and the lack of scent didn't seem to allude to a lack of ingredients because it certainly felt lovely and moisturising. 

Possibly the best thing about this guy is the price. £2.75 each? Bargain.

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