Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Springtime is upon us!

Spring is here! I think. You can never be too sure in Plymouth. Two days ago we had hailstones the size of gobstoppers, yesterday it was sunny and warm. I'm hoping the latter sticks around - Plymouth is lovely in the sunshine and I'm frankly fed up of having to wear my hood up everywhere I go.
The arrival of spring means that I finally get to move my heavier, winter make-up back into the depth of my drawers and replace it with light, bright, colourful alternatives. And while the pastels of spring are fun, my favourite part is simply changing my winter caudalie moisturiser to my light simple one. The simple things in life, eh?

What's your favourite beauty change of spring?

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  1. yeaaaah
    spring is here!!
    love you blogg

    lets follow and stay in touch! im goiin :)