Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Reading Resolutions

1) Read for enjoyment, not just to reach a goal
In 2013 I set myself a very silly high reading goal that I never had any chance of reaching. I ended up not reading for enjoyment, but just to add another book to the list and keep my numbers up. For the latter half of 2013, it was rare for me to actually enjoy any of the books I read. That's changing this year.
2) Read 75 books this year
I know this contradicts the last resolution slightly. I've just set 75 as a number, one that I think I will achieve, but if I don't and life gets in the way then no bother. 
3) Read more non-fiction, on topics that I am interested in
Non-fiction is very out of my comfort zone but I'd like to find topics that I'm interested in and read more of it. I have a few biographies lined up that I'm interested in!
4) Read more classic literature
I started to read classic literature in 2013 and would love to read more of it. We only had to read one classic lit book when I was at school (for GCSE) and it was terrible and scarred me off classic literature for five years. But I'm ready to devour it now!
5) Read all the books I bought but never read in 2013 (or earlier!), before buying new ones
I definitely stole this one from Erin over at e-elise etc, but the idea resonated greatly with me. I bought or was given many books in 2013 that I haven't had the chance to read yet. I have a terrible tendency to buy books that I don't necessarily need and hopefully this will cut down on that.
6) Check the second-hand book store before buying a brand new book
We have a beautiful, large second-hand book store in this town and I simply don't go in it enough. When I have been in, the most expensive book that I have found has been £3. Compare that to the £7.99 that I tend to spend on paperbacks and it makes checking out there worth it. I also want to always buy from the town’s independent bookstore when I'm not able to find the book second hand. 

What are your reading resolutions this year? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love all these resolutions. Defiantly going to try some of these, especially non-fiction, its out of my comfort zone too. :) x