Sunday, 7 October 2012

A bit of a grumble...

Since being at University (since 2010, yikes!) I have used one liquid eyeliner. One. Fair enough I've probably kept it for longer than I should, but who doesn't do that.
This eyeliner was Rimmel Flash eyeliner - a felt tip pen that was wonderfully precise and had great depth in colour and ugh it was my holy grail. As somebody who can't use liquid eyeliner wholly well, and has an issue with thick eyeliner it was perfect for me.
And finally, last week it gave up on me. The lid fell off it when it was in my bag and it went everywhere and dried out and it was a terrifying horrific experience. So I head to boots, thinking it's fine, it's a highstreet brand - I'll just pick up another one.
No. Apparently it wasn't that simple. Rimmel have seemingly discontinued it, so I had to search for something similar. There was a distinct lack of choice. Felt tip style eyeliners were included in almost every brand a few years ago, but they seem to have filtered out again. I went for Maybelline Master Precise (RRP £5.99). 
Unfortunately, I did not get on at all well with this product, unlike my beloved Rimmel. It is in no way precise, and I felt as if I had to put it on thick or not at all. In it's favour, it is dramatically black and has great staying power which as someone with oily eyelids I did appreciate. Those just weren't enough for me.
So bloggers, whats your favourite liquid eyeliner? Because I think I need a new one.

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