Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get fit with me! #1

I have decided that I need to lose weight.

Actually I decided this quite a while ago but was too lazy to do anything about it, but the other day I weighed myself and having gained a whole half a stone over the Summer was not something I was very pleased about.
I've got quite a small frame and I'm only 5'4 so the extra weight is just hanging around my tummy making me feel not-at-all good about myself and it's definitely time to shift it!

On Wednesday's I am going to post a round-up of how much I lost that week and what I've been doing, hoping that the fact I am documenting it all for you lovely people to see will be the motivation I need to really kick this in the bum.

FYI, my eventual goal is to be 8st again :) 

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