Friday, 5 October 2012

Moving into a room in halls or in a shared house is an undeniably daunting thing - and I've found it so every single time I've had to do it for the last three years. The room that is yours for the next year or so is impersonal, uninviting and frankly, a little bit boring. 
Newsflash: you can't live like this. I knew people in my first year whose rooms were 100% tidy, everything personal of theirs was hidden away in a drawer or a cupboard and I'm going to be honest, it drove me insane. You can't live in a room that doesn't show your personality - you'll need a reminder of it when you're doing an all nighter trying to get that essay in for 9am, or when your homesick, or when you're hungover. Four white walls and a blank floor makes it an asylum, just saying. 

The two essentials I have found that brighten up nearly every university bedroom: fairy lights and photographs.

My bedroom is literally overflowing with photographs! I have an album of old photos from school and college, an album of photos of me and Matt and an album of family photos! Sure, photos are on Facebook but you can't just rely on having all your memories stored on a website. They're nice to look at, too. 
And as for the fairy lights, just knick your mums fairy lights from Christmas (- my mum was glad she didn't have to store them for another year!). They look pretty cool when you're up late doing work, or have got in from a night out and don't want to go to sleep yet (you'll just stare at them in amazement for a while, trust me.) If you get them in shops now they are fairly cheap before the Christmas rush!
And finally - don't be afraid to LIVE in it. Let it get messy; put posters up; store your things wildly, let it be your space, not your landlords. You won't get your deposit back anyway. 
Here's some of the ways I (feat. some things from my boyfriends room too...) managed it.

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